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rev.99 live


rev.99 jam with local artists


As house media band at Freddy's for years, rev.99 loved welcoming local and touring musicians including David Krakauer, Steev Hise, Jin Hi Kim, Ron Anderson, Ettrick, LX, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Jessie Quatro,and visual artists such as Maria Dumlao, Jen Diaz-Infante, Thad Povey + many more.

We would love to start the evening  with a local artist media jam.

INVERTED rev99 get out of the house and watch some tv.jpg


99 Hooker, Feedbuck, Donald O'Finn, Br. Russell Scholl


99 Hooker, Akio Mokuno, Bible Launcher, Jin Hi Kim, Jim Pletcher, Daniel Higgs, Benb Gallaher, Fracture,

Stan Brakhage as recorded by Josh Wallace

Human Media

Media Human

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